Frequently Asked Questions

How do I schedule an initial consultation?

To schedule an intake, send an email at indicating your interest in setting up an initial appointment, or visit the make an appointment page and fill out and submit the web form.

What can I expect at an initial consultation?

An initial consultation is very different than a therapy session. Prior to getting started, there will be a few necessary forms to fill out. These forms include:

  • Consent for Telehealth Consultation
  • Notice of Privacy Practices
  • Informed Consent for Psychotherapy
  • Practice Policies

To facilitate the intake and to keep a paperless practice, I will send these forms to you when we schedule an intake, and request they be completed and electronically signed by you, and returned to me, prior to meeting. I will also review the forms with you and answer questions at the start of the session as well.

The intake is an information gathering session where I will ask questions to assess your history, symptoms, and current stressors. By the end of the consultation, I will discuss the initial diagnosis and develop and tailor a collaborative treatment plan that is specific to you. It can sometimes take a few sessions to accurately diagnosis and the treatment plans is flexible in regards to if more pressing matters arise during the course of treatment. I will also answer questions that you have in regards to what you are looking for as well.

Does insurance cover my treatment?

At this time, Sound Mind Sound Body LLC is accepting only Blue Cross Blue Shield and Anthem insurance. Please contact me, via email or phone, to verify your information prior to setting up an appointment. There will be a copay collected at the time of the appointment. If you are insured with a different insurance company, I can still see you, but will require out-of-pocket payment. If there is an outstanding balance, this may affect ability to continue setting up appointments.

As of May 31st, 2021, Sound Mind Sound Body LLC is currently not in network with any insurance. If you wish to pursue out-of-network with other insurances, you are responsible for understanding and reviewing your plan’s out of network benefits and providing paperwork to the insurance on your own. I cannot guarantee that you will be reimbursed for out-of-network insurance as that will be dependent on your specific plan as therapy with insurance that the clinician is not in network with will be fee for service (not out of network). Unfortunately, I do not file claims for insurance companies that I do not have a contract with and it is up to you to know your insurance plan best.

What is the length of treatment/fees for treatment?

If you are paying out of pocket, the initial consultation session is 50-60 minutes long. There is paperwork that needs to be completed prior to starting, and the information that needs to be gathered to determine an appropriate diagnosis and collaborative treatment plan. The fee for an initial session out of pocket is $210.

Therapy sessions are 50 minutes long. Sessions are usually scheduled on a weekly basis, but can be scheduled bi weekly or monthly depending on your availability. The frequency of sessions is determined with the treatment plan. The fee for individual therapy is $210. Payment is expected at the time of the appointment.

What is the Cancellation Policy?

If you do not show up for your scheduled appointment, and you have not notified at least 24 hours in advance, you will be required to pay a cancellation fee of $210.

What forms of therapy do you provide?

I provide individual therapy sessions. I do not provide couples counseling or group therapy. I provide “collateral” sessions when deemed appropriate for adult and adolescent clients.

Also-I am currently only providing sessions via telehealth or video appoints.

What are areas that you specialize in?

I have been trained in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) as well as Psychodynamic Therapy. Within the field of Psychodynamic therapy, I specialize in Relational Therapy.

I also specialize in health psychology, treating the depression and anxiety that is often associated with chronic illness. My expertise comes in treatment of depression, anxiety, and trauma.

What are areas that you do not specialize in?

I have not been trained, and therefore do not specialize in the following areas:

  • Eating Disorder
  • Substance Use Disorder
  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
  • Criminal Behavior/Legal Issues
  • Custody disputes
  • Couples Therapy
  • Sexual Paraphilia
  • Therapy involving young children (under 16 years old)

If you have any of these issues, or other issues out of my scope of practice emerge in treatment, I will refer you to therapists who specialize in these areas.

Is everything I tell you confidential?

Everything you share with me is confidential with the following exceptions:

  • If I feel that you are an immediate danger to yourself or others, I can break confidentiality to keep you/others safe.
  • If I hear about the physical and/or sexual abuse (or suspected abuse) of anyone under the age of 18, an elderly person, or someone with a disability, I am mandated to report it.
  • If confidential information is subpoenaed in a court of law, I must comply with the subpoena. This would not happen without your prior knowledge.

Due to the ongoing need of providing telehealth appointments, please be mindful of being in a private place where there will not be any interruptions to ensure privacy during the appointment.

What is telehealth and video sessions?

While my preference is to see you in person, given realities due to the current pandemic and immuno-suppression concerns related to myself and patients, I am only offering telehealth appointments, not in person appointments. These sessions provided are secure and HIPAA compliant.

How long will I have to be in therapy?

The answer to that question is specific to each individual. Some individuals benefit from short-term, while others benefit from long-term therapy. I typically provide weekly sessions at the start, and as symptoms improve, provide less frequent sessions (every other week to once a month). Ultimately, the length of treatment will be decided on collaboratively and keeping in mind what works best for the client.

Crisis and Urgent Situations

I will do my best to respond to messages and phone calls as soon as possible. However, I do not provide urgent, crisis, or emergency services. If you are experiencing a life threatening crisis and require immediate assistance, dial 911, or go directly to your nearest emergency room immediately.

Additionally, feel free to call one of the following local Mental Health Hotline numbers: 703-573-5679 (Fairfax County), 703-228-5160 (Arlington County), and 202-673-9300 (Washington, DC).

The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is a national network of local crisis centers that provides free and confidential emotional support to people in suicidal crisis or emotional distress 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, you may contact them at this number: 1-800-273-8255

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